Management Systems Policies

Environmental Policy

We at KING ICT are well aware that our business sustainability depends on harmonious relations with all the stakeholders of our organisation, so we consistently try to fully understand their present and future needs, as well as all the ways our decisions and activities influence our environment.

Therefore we:
Empower our customers to utilize their business potential, provisioning them with information and communication systems integration services, IT support services, business and technical education services, as well as software development and the manufacture of computers, taking the maximum care to prevent pollution and lessen harmful impacts on environment.

Negotiate measurable goals, programs and plans to manage our environment. 

alue our environment and dedicate ourselves to ensure sustainable living for future generations.  

ntegrate our environment management system with other management systems and business processes, to improve effectiveness and efficiency. 

Rationally use natural resources.

blige our subcontractors to respect our environmental policy and procedures.

ecessitate compliance with all applicable regulations regarding the environment.

easure our footprint on the environment and try to make it smaller.

ducate our employees to be aware of environment needs, to participate proactively in the prevention of pollution, lessening negative impacts on environment, the rational use of resources and to extend our concern for the environment through proactive participation and communication with stakeholders.

avigate our business through the environment trying to leave only good imprints in our wake.

alk with, and listen to our stakeholders, to learn about their requirements regarding the environment, taking care to prevent pollution, health and safety hazards.

The environmental management system in our company is designed, implemented, maintained and improved in accordance with the principles and requirements set by the ISO 14001 international standard. The environmental management system, including accepted and approved policy with related documents, is published on the company intranet accessible by all employees.

Rev. 2, 2014-06-04 
         President of the Management Board   
         Plamenko Barišić