Management Systems Policies

Quality Policy

We at KING ICT are well aware that our business success depends on our customers' satisfaction. Therefore we consistently try to fully understand their present and future needs, fulfil their requirements, and surpass their expectations. Thus we help our customers utilize their business potential, provisioning them with information and communication systems integration services, IT support services, business and technical education services, software development and the manufacture of computers.

Quick to react to contextual changes, we use the continual improvement principle in all perspectives of our processes to maintain and augment quality.

Utilizing only reliable and trustworthy factual information, we make sure that our decisions are made to the benefit of all interested parties.

Actively building credence and constructive relations with customers and suppliers through mutual understanding and appreciation, we are leaning on knowledge, competence and industry standards, as well as an objective view of technology.

Logic of our business processes and their interrelation aims at the fulfilment of customers’ requirements and the assurance of customer satisfaction.
Integration of the quality management system with other management systems and business processes makes it possible to align quality objectives with strategic business objectives and goals, as well as efficient interaction between processes and systems. 

Timely education and training, along with continual care of employees, builds and maintains the organisational competence on which our customers’ satisfaction is based.

Yearly management reviews and regular independent auditing help us assess the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality management system.

The system for quality management in our company is designed, implemented, maintained and improved in accordance with the principles and requirements set by ISO 9001 international standard. The quality management system, including accepted and approved policy with related documents, is published on the company intranet accessible by all employees. Therefore all our employees contribute to quality improvement, through active participation and the awareness of the need to fulfil our customers’ requirements.

Rev. 5, 2014-06-04 
        President of the Management Board
        Plamenko Barišić